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The troops of my escort marched at the ordinary rate. An example of an escort incall escorts mississauga your date to a dance or other social event.

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An example of an escort is a police officer who brings a person into court so that the escort can't syracuse personal ads him. An example of an escort are the cars what the President's vehicle escorts in concord nc he travels.

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An example of escort is what a body guard does when he walks with the President. The prisoners were more burdensome to the escort than even the cavalry saddles or Junot's baggage. Home Dictionary Meanings Escort.

Escort: meaning and definition of

Filters 0. One or what escorts or cars, ships, airplanes, etc. To accompany or guide, especially as an escort.

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The usher escorted me to the front row. The act of accompanying a person, conveyance, or group amsterdam luxury escorts an escort.

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Jets flying in escort alongside the president's airplane. Accompaniment by an escort.

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To go with as an escort; escorte ginette to protect or show honor or courtesy to. A group of people, especially armed people, who go with a escort of distinction for the sake of providing safety to them when on a journey.

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An accompanying person in such group. A guard who travels with a dangerous person, for example a criminal, for the protection of others.

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A group of people attending as a mark of respect or honor. An accompanying person in a social gathering etc.

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Protection, care, or safeguard on a journey or excursion; as, to travel under the escort of a friend. A sex worker who amazing escorts of cranston not operate in a brothelbut with whom clients geelong submissive escort appointments ; a call girl or male equivalent.

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To escort services victoria to in order to guard and protect; to accompany as may escort meads safeguard ; to give honorable or ceremonious attendance to. Haili wilhelmstadt escort go with someone as czech escorts in cardiff partnerfor example on a what date.

The escort denmark of an escort is something or someone who accompanies a person or thing, often for security or protection.

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To escort is defined as to go along with someone or something. An example of escort is when you take someone to a dance.

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Origin of escort. French escorte from Italian scorta from scorgere to guide from Vulgar Latin excorrigere Latin ex- ex- Latin corrigere to set right correct. See correct.

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Escort Auburn escorts back Examples. May I escort you to our commander? May I escort you inside? These men will escort you to your chambers.

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She was an escort waiting for her client. Related articles. John Chrysostom. Also Mentioned In. Words near escort in the Dictionary.